Q&A: Stationery & office supplies


We provide different choices of contact as below:-

1)   By phone : Please call us  at 02-2748878-80 and 02- 2748542-44

for more information of both products and prices.


2)  By fax : You can fax us list of your enquiry to our fax no. 02-2748889

and our sales team will promptly response back.


3)  By email : Sending us list of your enquiry to our email address


We can provide free delivery for the order more than Baht 500.


For our regular customers, we provide 30 days credit term

for the purchasing amount of more than  Baht 1,000.


We provide 2% high volume discount for the purchasing amount of more than Baht 2,000.


For cash payment or due dated cheque payable upon delivery, we provide 2 % discount.

However this 2 % discount will only be applied for the purchasing amount of more than Baht 1,000

(excluding VAT). No credit term will be provided for the purchasing amount of less than Baht 1,000.


Unfortunately, according to our company’s policy, we will consider

the credit term for new customers after we have started business together for a while.


In general, on condition that all the goods are available in our stock and the customers order

before 16.00 pm, of  today, we would be able to deliver on the next working day.  However,

for other special products which we  do not keep stock, we may need some more days to deliver.