Q&A: Paper cups and plastic lids


Our factory purchase cupstock paper board from reputable manufacturers in the industry.

-      Environmental friendly and responsible manufacturing.

-      Committed to creating a better environment.

Cupstock paper board is produced from long fiber virgin pulp.  These pulps are obtained from

the wood in cold climate forest where sustainable forest management is implemented.  Forest

renewable and continuous growth is guaranteed.  The main wood species are birch, pine, and spruce.


There are 2 grades of paper board being used as follows:-

-      Single-sided PE (“SPE”) paper board (for hot cup)

-      Double-sided PE (“DPE”) paper board (for hot and cold cup, food containers)


Wood using for paper cup products comes from forests where sustainable forest

management is implemented. Forest renewable and continuous growth is guaranteed.

Forest operations help forest to survive because young thriving forest has more resistance

for pollution and environmental stress than grown-up and dying trees.


The odor found in the paper cup (both hot and cold drink cups) mostly come from

the printing process. With offset printing, there will be a possibility of the odor from

undry oil or solvent which are used to dissolve ink, whereas there will be no odor

from the cup we supply, as we use Flexo water-based printing technology which

using  water  (odorless) to dissolve ink.


In general, the raw material of paper board for different sizes of paper cup are the same,

the only different is the paper weight (GSM – gram per square meter). The weight in GSM

for smaller sizes are normally less that the bigger sizes.



From our experience, we would like to suggest the scope of selection as below:-

For hot drink : People tend to use paper cup than plastic cup as consumers
are afraid of the chemical reaction when hot drink contact to plastic surface,
while this kind of risk don’t happen in paper cup.

For cold drink : Both paper and plastic cup can be used alternatively depending on the concept of operator, the drink itself, place or location where we sell  drinks, etc. However, when considering from the environmental friendly’s point of view,paper cup would be a more  suitable choice due to the following reasons :-


Paper pulp is biodegradable by natural microorganism process.


Paper cup

Plastic cup

1) Raw material

The main raw material wood is renewable.  Wood comes from the forest where sustainable forest  management  is implemented. All the main polymers like  polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, and polystyrene are produced from fossil fuel( mostly from oil). The main raw material is non – renewable.

2) Recycle

In repulping process, cellulose fibers from paper board are released and can be used for production of other paper and board grades. Fibers have good strength properties. Technically, plastic materials can be recycled, but the recycled materials will be used with the inferior product quality.


Paper pulp is biodegradable by natural microorganism process. All the main polymers like polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, and polystyrene do not degrade biologically.

4) Disposal

When disposed to landfill, fibers of paper board biodegrade like other paper products. The fibrous component absorb leaches. Plastic materials are stable, they do not decompose in landfill.