Welcome to Solveig

Solveig has been in service of providing
quality products for both stationery
and office supply
as well as
paper cup and other disposable
for more than 20 years.

With the policy of providing quality products
and good service at reasonable price,
we therefore have been trusted by our
customers to fulfill their different requirements
and satisfaction. With our service mind and
experiences, we are proud to be a part of
our customers success which enable us to
develop a sustainable relationship together
in the long term.

Paper cups and plastic lids

Product group of paper cups and disposable items such as plastic lid, paper plate, coffee stirer etc.

Stationery & office supplies

Product groups of stationery and office supplies, delivery services to offices, factories for both Bangkok and nearby provinces.

Service #3

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3. Using paper products, will it destroy forest and environment?

Wood using for paper cup products comes from forests where sustainable forest management is implemented. Forest renewable and continuous growth is guaranteed. Forest operations help forest to survive because young thriving forest has more resistance for pollution and environmental stress than grown-up and dying trees.

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